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The Heart of Speaking

Something new from me...

I’ve developed my own unique approach to supercharging everyday creativity, to rekindle the inner flame of your natural curiosity and wisdom, to amplify problem solving, getting unstuck and lighting fuses in you to launch your gifts into the world. Shifting what was solid and stuck into a free-flowing stream of possibilities and potential in all areas of your life.
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Discover how to live, create, and lead, fueled by your inner creative fire.

Creativity isn’t just about expressing yourself; it's about discovering your true self.

It is transformative, turning ‘stuckness’ into freedom, cynicism into wonder and awe, and pain into connection.

"I am building a community for fellow seekers, makers and leaders with mentoring, courses, workshops, podcasts and maybe even retreats! I’m lighting a small fire and this is your invite to come sit around it with me.

My mission has been waking people up every morning, now it's also igniting your inner fire to help you show up in your full power and creativity.

Weaving practical insights from my life in broadcasting, both in the UK and now Australia, stand up comedy and writing.
With a heart-centred vision to light up more of your true creative self, for greater connection to joy - the key to unlocking so much more of you.

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The Heart of Speaking. Awaken Your Truest Voice

Finding more of yourself by finding your true voice

For over 25 years, I’ve hosted a daily radio show with no script or safety net. I’ve been on a joyous journey into the real power of our voices to express ourselves in the world - how finding your truest voice is finding more of yourself.
Welcome to The Heart of Speaking

A BRAND NEW four part LIVE online programme, hosted by me.

Finding your voice is about finding more of yourself, it’s beyond just our words. Our true voice is often muffled and hidden under layers of old stories and beliefs we have about who we think we are and aren’t.
I’ve developed my unique approach to mentoring from coaching team mates, presenters, CEOs, and fellow comedians and creators, with practical insights proven to work with a heart-centred approach to expressing your true self and connecting with greater freedom and joy.

Connecting to others flows from connecting first to yourself

“Christian is like a sage at the side of your stage, whether that stage for you is being a more connected parent, leader, friend, podcaster, creator or like me an entrepreneur.”

Course Dates

Group A

Thursday, 7pm

  • 18 JULY
  • 1 AUGUST
  • 15 AUGUST
  • 29 AUGUST
Course Dates

Group B

Thursday, 7pm

  • 25 JULY
  • 8 AUGUST
  • 22 AUGUST

Over our time together, you will learn:

  • My Inside-Out approach, shifting you from worrying about impressing other people, to sharing what's trying to come through you.

  • The two biggest game changers in the art of speaking it took me years to learn.

  • How to choose connection over perfection every time.

  • How to speak with power and presence in any situation.

  • Understanding and getting beyond the VOICE IN YOUR HEAD.

  • Getting Out of Your Head: underthink and overtrust.
  • Grounding and relaxation tools that helped me overcome panic attacks 10 years ago.

  • Understanding where you are coming from - The Head, Heart or Gut.

  • Finding power by finding the gold buried in your life story.

Our work will be experiential and fun. I want you to look forward to our online virtual campfire sessions. We will gather around to share, support and discover that the space between us is closer than you think. Real magic happens in small groups which is why I've designed my course this way.

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I'm not here to fix your problems or offer advice

In THE HEART OF SPEAKING, I will gently and joyfully help you get in contact with what's waiting for you in your heart. A better, richer, more sustainable place for you to speak from and unlock a more natural flow of ideas, words, and stories.

In our work together, it will be less teaching, more rekindling and reawakening what's already in you.

As Jerry Seinfeld said,
“Learning to become a comedian is learning to be you”

So, here is my question to your heart; when will you find your voice? When will you find your true self?

Your voice is the bridge between your heart and the world.
“The tongue of the original self is the language of the heart.” John O'Donohue

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Just to be clear, I’m not a qualified therapist, psychologist, or counsellor. Talking about fear, grief, joy, shame, vulnerability, and any struggles may be triggering for some people and this mentorship is not designed as therapy, nor is it a substitute for it.


Unique in his ability to be both a world class broadcaster as well as an incredible leader and performance coach for his team

I have had the pleasure of working with Christian for many years in several major markets. His undeniable track record is testament to his mastery of his craft. His consistently limitless flow of creativity is envied by industry professionals across the world and his passion for, and understanding of the creative process is infectiously intoxicating to those in his sphere and beyond. His ideas have been ripped off more than anybody else’s in radio!

Phil Dowse

He’s the Tony Robbins of vulnerability and courage…a human fuselighter.

Christian helped me get unstuck and find my true voice.

I learnt how to build my business from the inside out.

He’s a master of creativity and waking it up again in you.

Working with Christian felt like working with a deeper version of yourself on an authentic level. There was no need to hold back as there was no judgement.

Who knew personal transformation could be so funny?

Carla Rinaldi

Guided me into my full potential, he introduced me to a deeper and fuller version of myself and I am a better friend, husband and father because of it.

I went through a personally difficult time when my son was born. It was the first real confrontation I had with my mental health. Christian was a beacon of light during this time. He was gentle, patient and understanding. He taught me about vulnerability. About connecting with your feelings and emotions. About the relationships we have with ourselves and the people we love. I am a better friend, husband and father because of it.

Christian didn’t reinvent me, but he introduced me to a deeper and fuller version of myself.

Jack Post

The feedback has been awesome, so many lines and tips came from it.

He was honest, open and vulnerable, interspersed humanity and undeniable humour, deeply valued and appreciated by our people at Peter Mac. He’s warm, responsive and caring, all of which we got in spades and so much more. He provided us generously with relevant and helpful reflections that resonated completely with our people who all walked away educated, informed and better humans for his time.

Sean Curtain

Christian was engaging, entertaining and the audience was captivated and drawn into his journey of personal discovery.

He has a raft of great stories from his life as a top radio host interviewing world-renowned celebrities and famous people. But, at the core, Christian’s message is about taking control of our lives and showing heart, addressing our vulnerabilities and how these may be holding us back from true happiness.

Daniel Jenshel


    Anyone who is prepared to show up in courage, vulnerability, and authenticity, and is willing to be wholeheartedly supportive of fellow course-mates and themself.


    Anyone who thinks this is a replacement for therapy; it isn’t, and if you are struggling right now, please get the support you need and are worthy of.


    Spaces are very limited and this will sell out QUICKLY as it's the first time I've ever done anything like this.

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    Just to be clear, I’m not a qualified therapist, psychologist, or counsellor. Talking about fear, grief, joy, shame, vulnerability, and any struggles may be triggering for some people and this mentorship is not designed as therapy, nor is it a substitute for it.