Christian O'Connell

He’s smart and funny
Ricky Gervais
A captivating storyteller, incredibly funny, innovative and has a genuine affection for his listeners
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He focuses less on headlines that he does his listeners…turning everyday life into great entertainment, reminiscent of Seinfeld
The Australian
Christian O’Connell has been a broadcaster for 26 years, spending 20 in the UK before moving to Melbourne, Australia, in 2018 with his wife and daughters to start over. Joining GOLD FM, he made radio history by becoming the first-ever radio DJ to achieve number one rating shows in two different countries. Despite facing massive backlash upon his arrival, with headlines calling him “Australia’s Biggest Media Gamble Ever,” Christian defied expectations. Within just 16 months, despite being relatively unknown, he took his breakfast show to number one.
His show is also syndicated nightly across Australia and ranks among the world's biggest podcasts, enjoying substantial support from his loyal UK fans. In the UK, his award-winning show garnered over 2.5 million listeners, and he was the youngest broadcaster to be inducted into the prestigious UK Radio Hall of Fame. Christian's incredible innovation and storytelling have earned him more Sony Radio Gold Awards than any other presenter in UK radio history.

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He has also done stand-up comedy with three sold out national tours, and
written three bestselling books, two children's books under his
RADIOBOY series, and a powerful memoir about his move Down Under and overcoming severe panic attacks, NO ONE LISTENS TO YOUR DADS SHOW.

The reception to his memoir was huge, with Christian talking so openly
about anxiety and finding joy and meaning in life, even in challenging
times, he suddenly became a very in-demand guest on TV shows around
the world and making big impact on several podcasts, including The Imperfects and Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place.

Funny, honest and so raw. If Christian’s cardiologist is suddenly wondering where his heart has gone, you’ll find it all in this book.
Hamish Blake
As a result, Christian was invited to speak as a motivational speaker to Men's groups, and corporate leaders. This has now led him to launch his own mentoring and coaching service, FINDING FIRE, and his debut landmark course, The Heart of Speaking. Find out more here.

Christian has been married to his wife Sarah for 26 years and they have two daughters, Ruby and Lois.


Two lightning bolts lit Christian up.

First was seeing the comedian Billy Connolly on TV and the power his stories and energy had to make his parents double over in laughter.

Second bolt was hearing the British radio DJ Steve Wright create this joyous world everyday that was funny, freewheeling, subversive and real. In awe at his effortless mastery and endless creativity. A North Star was found.


First ever stand up gig aged 18.

Went well, the next few were awful. Also did college radio, only for a few days after being sacked for the first and only time in his career. 



Married his soul mate Sarah and six months later started his radio career


Finally gets to the major league and LONDON RADIO!

Hosting a groundbreaking and wildly successful breakfast show on XFM. Working with Karl Pilkington, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Christian also began his TV career when with zero tv training or experience hosted a nightly live chat show from a room above a pub in London!


First time father.

Becomes a father for the first time to a baby girl called Ruby.


Becomes a father for a second time to another beautiful girl, Lois.

Fatherhood will always be Christians greatest teacher and joy in his life. Listen to his chat with Hamish Blake on the podcast 'How Other Dads Dad'



National Breakfast Show host.

Hosts a National Breakfast Show to the UK, first on Virgin Radio, then after change owners, Absolute Radio. Growing the audience to 2.5m and winning awards for his endless creativity and innovation. Writes two best selling children books


Moves to Australia.

Quits that show to announce the shock news he was moving to Australia to start again as a complete unknown in the world's most competitive marketplace. Moves with his family and dog to Melbourne


Hits 50.



Launches his coaching business FINDING FIRE, for fellow seekers, makers and leaders.

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