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  • One of the world's most respected and successful radio hosts, having two number one shows on both sides of the world, in the UK and Australia

  • Three-time best-selling author

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    Now for the first time, work with Christian on his first ever Mentorship Programme, THE HEART OF SPEAKING


He’s smart and funny

- Ricky Gervais,
Actor and Comedian

He’s a master of creativity and waking it up in you

- Carla Rinaldi,
Entrepreneur and Founder Mr&Mrs Social

Guided me into my full potential

- Jack Post
Broadcaster and Creator

Our people all walked away educated, informed and better humans for his time

- Sean Curtain
Executive Director, People and Culture

He’s the Tony Robbins of vulnerability & courage

- Carla Rinaldi,
Entrepreneur and Founder Mr&Mrs Social

Unique in his ability to be a world class broadcaster & incredible leader

- Phil Dowse,
Phil Dowse Media
2 x Winner Best Int. Radio Consultant


About Christian

Helping you find more of yourself

Christian is a renowned radio host, writer, and now mentor. With over 25 years of experience in radio, he hosted the UK's biggest commercial radio show, reaching a daily audience of 2.5 million people. In 2018, Christian shocked the industry by quitting his award-winning show and moving to Melbourne, Australia, starting anew with his family in the world's most competitive radio market.

Initially making headlines as an outsider and "Australia’s Biggest Media Gamble Ever," Christian quickly silenced critics. In just 16 months, he took his show to number one, surpassing well-known household names.

In addition to his radio success, Christian is a passionate writer. He has authored two children's books and a memoir about his move Down Under.

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