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After 12 years at Absolute Radio I’m leaving.

Its been the hardest decision of not just my career but life. Massive change takes massive courage and with the support of my awesome wife and girls, I have that

Over the last 12 years Absolute Radio has given me something truly special, the freedom to carve out my little place in the morning.

Every morning Richie and I turned up do do a f***ing show rather than just marking time.

This has never been just a radio show to me, its been part of my life and has given me and my family a great life. Its a real privilege to be someones mate in the morning

I’ve always thought of Richie and me on our side of the street and anyone was welcome to join us. I was never interesting in trying to sell the show to people. It wasn’t for everyone and thats the point.

The love you show us for what we do has shaped this show. Your stories, jokes and just knowing you are there, you as part of our radio family. What an amazing thing to have had in my life!

You are part of my story and our dysfunctional radio family

Many times when life has been rocky this show has been a safe place for me and I know Richie too

I’ve leant on you in those moments life gives you, and I hope we have been there for you too

I take so much from your support, I never would’ve gone back to stand up or written the kids books without the confidence you have given me

I only ever wanted to leave for something amazing and that’s what I’m doing

I’m leaving for a really big new adventure for me and my family

I’m scared, scared to leave here, take a leap into the unknown, but I’m also excited. Sometimes its good to be scared

As my go to man Seneca said “We suffer more in imagination than reality”

When we look back at our lives, and see when we’ve grown the most, its when we have gone through huge changes

I’m embracing that.

I’ve never wanted to coast or stop seeing everything I do as work in progress. Sitting back isn’t living.

Today I have a heavy heart, but one brimming with deep love and gratitude.

I will be starting a new podcast to keep in touch with you. Maybe like postcard, a podcard. Does anyone even send postcards anymore? Anyway I have no intention of disappearing from your ears, hearts, minds. You may feel otherwise…


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